Aztec, NM

Testimonials Poquito

Mc Elvain Oil and Gas Properties rented its first Poquito compressor in Oct. 2007. Since that time we have experienced the highest level of service possible from Poquito. Response times have been excellent and repairs have been done quickly and efficiently. We now have 8 rental units running and we will utilize more as the productivity in other wells moves into into that special niche that Poquito fills so well.

Art Merrick, District Engineer
McElvain Oil and Gas

Poquito Compression produces a very high quality unit. They offer versatility for a variety of applications for flows from 25 mcf to 100 mcf. George has many years of experience and has great overall industry knowledge. Their exceptional customer service makes them a pleasure to work with.

Fred Haskill

George is always easy to reach and always has the answer to my questions. They produce a great product and I have never had a problem with them. Just call 'em up, they'll help you.

David Castillo

Choose a reliable, cost-effective solution for low volume wells of up to 400lbs. discharge pressure.