Aztec, NM

Don't Plug and Abandon - Poquito!

Handling all your small compression needs. Providing, the right equipment for the right price.

  • Less fuel gas usage
  • Less maintenance, investment, and installation costs
  • Discharge pressure up to 400 lbs
  • Easy to move and easy to install
  • Electric drive available
  • Available for sale or lease

Poquito - in Spanish means "little bit." These well head compressors are small in size, small in cost, small in delivery and set up time, but large on production and output. They're also small on service and maintenance costs. Subjected to extreme adverse weather conditions, these units are designed to ensure continuous operation with minimal supervision and maintenance requirements.

Designed so you can get the last "little bit" of production out of a depleting well. When it's cost prohibitive to use larger equipment - call Poquito! Smaller equipment for smaller jobs requires a smaller investment. Don't leave profit at the bottom of the well. "Don't P and A Poquito".

Return on investment will increase with our portable, smaller units. Use the right tool for the job. Don't use big equipment on minor resources. These tiny but mighty compressors weigh less than 2,000 pounds (except the 30 H.P. 5120) so the average truck with a crane can move them, and installation takes less than an hour.

Choose a reliable, cost-effective solution for low volume wells of up to 400lbs. discharge pressure.